Rules – “Match Clash” Contest, organised by PULL MEDIA

Start date: 01/08/2016 – End date: 30/06/2017

Participation in this contest, which is free and without any obligation to buy, automatically implies the explicit and unreserved acceptance of all these rules on the part of the participant.

Article 1 – Description and Duration

The company PULL MEDIA (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”), a simplified joint stock company with a stock capital of €5,000, registered with the Companies registry of Lille Metropolitan Area under the number 524 179 090, headquartered at 42 rue Washington, 75008 Paris, is organising a free contest without obligation to buy, named “Match Clash”. The contest is a Prediction game concerning the UEFA Champions League 2015-2016, the Premier League 2015-2016, the French League 1 Football Championship 2015-2016 and UEFA Euro 2016.

Participants can access the Match Clash Contest at the following Internet sites:

Web: http://www.matchclash.com

The contest (hereinafter referred to as the “contest”) shall be run in accordance with the following conditions and provisions.

Apple is not involved in any way with the contest or sweepstakes

Article 2 – Participation Requirements

The contest is open to any adult natural person. In order to be able to take part, players must create an account. Only one account per person is allowed; any person using several accounts will be excluded from the Contest, and their accounts deleted.

The following people are not entitled to enter the contest: any personal employed by the Organizer, or by any entity or person involved in the production, the design, the running or the promotion of the contest, including members of their direct family and people living under the same roof.

Participation in the contest is open from 01/08/2016 to 30/06/2016 included. The date and time of a participant’s entry shall be the determined by the time of connection to the server hosting the Internet site.

Article 3 – Reimbursement of Participation Costs

The refunding of actual participation costs is limited to one request by participant (same name, same postal address). For any costs relating to an internet connection via a modem or a phone line invoiced on a pro rata basis of the total communication time, refunds will be made on a fixed rate basis, i.e. the cost of a 4-minute local telephone connection incl. VAT using a fixed line.

The costs of any other types of Internet connection used to access the contest that are subscribed to on a free or contractual basis (cable, ADSL, specialised connections…) cannot be refunded since the subscription is contracted by the Internet user for a general use of the Internet, and the act of visiting one of the sites or apps mentioned in article 1 of these rules in order to take part in the contest does not generate any additional costs.

All requests for refunds should be made in writing by the Participant and sent to: PULL MEDIA, 42 rue Washington, 75008 Paris, France, accompanied by a letter mentioning the participants full name, and address, as well as bank account details. A copy of the Internet provider’s invoice mentioning the connection time must also be included. Any postal costs for the refund request will also be refunded on request (applicable slow postage rate).

Any request for a reimbursement of participation costs that are illegible, do not meet the foregoing conditions, or are sent after the end of the Contest will not be processed.

Article 4 – Gameplay

Article 4.1 Predictions

The contest is divided into the following number of sessions:

  • For Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, Liga: into 38 sessions, one for each of the 38 days of the league
  • For Bundesliga: into 34 sessions, one for each of the 34 days of the leaugue
  • For Champions League: into 15 sessions
  • For Europa League : into 17 sessions
  • For the Flash Sessions: into 1 session event corresponding to a set of matches played during a short period.

For each session, participants will need to predict the win, draw or defeat for each of the matches played.

If the participant’s prediction turns out to be right, i.e. the participant guesses the actual result of the match, they will gain the number of points displayed for that prediction.

If the prediction turns out to be wrong, the participant will not win any points.

If the match is cancelled or postponed, no points will be awarded for that match.

In the match goes into extra time, the score at the end of the extra time will be used: accordingly, a match that ends in a penalty shootout will be regarded as a draw at the end of the penalty shootout, regardless of the winning team.

The player’s total score for the session = the total of points for any predictions that turn out to be right.

The Organizer shall be free to assign the number of points it seems fit. They are based on betting odds used by sport betting sites and are determined at the beginning of each session.

Participants may modify their predictions, but must do so before the end of the time limit of the session concerned.

4.2 Rankings

For all the championships, there are two types of ranking:

  • Ranking by session

The players are ranked in descending order depending on their score.

In the event of a tie between one or more players, the person who validated their predictions 1st will rank highest.

  • Overall ranking

A player’s score = the total number of points obtained during all the sessions in which the player took part.

In the event of a tie, the player who obtained the best score in one of the sessions will rank highest.

To be included in the overall rankings, players must have played at least one session.

The winner authorises the organising company to use his/her name for advertising purposes, without it having to give the winner any form of remuneration, rights or other benefits except the prize awarded.

For flash sessions: there may be several flash sessions over the year, but any points won cannot be transferred from one session to the next.  All flash sessions are independent of each other.

Article 5 – Prizes

Article 5.1 List of prizes

The number of prizes awarded will depend on the number of players participating: 30% of the players will be awarded at each session.

Prizes for each session:

1st: €50 betting money to be used at one of our partner sports betting operators

2nd: €30 betting money to be used at one of our partner sports betting operators

3rd: €20 betting money to be used at one of our partner sports betting operators

4th and under: €10 betting money to be used at one of our partner sports betting operators.

Prizes for the overall ranking at Ligue 1, Premier League, Champions League, Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Europa League:

1st: 1 x PS4 + Game FIFA16, worth €420 (RRP incl. VAT or distributor’s price)

2nd: 1 x iPad Mini 16 Go, worth €320 (RRP incl. VAT or distributor’s price)

3rd: 1 x shirt of the team of your choice, worth €85 (RRP incl. VAT or distributor’s price)

The prizes consisting of free betting money can only be used by adults aged 18 and over who open an account with the partner operator. If players win several sessions, winnings cannot be used at the same time.

Article 5.2 Awarding of prizes

Winning players will be contacted by email (sent to the address indicated by the Participant on the online participation form) within 60 days upon knowing the outcome of the predictions: details about the arrangements for collecting the prize will be included in this e-mail.

The winning participant has three weeks to reply to the email sent by the organizing company, after which time the batch will be regarded as lost.

Prizes consisting of free betting money are subject to the opening of an account with the partner operator concerned. If the player already has an account with the operator in question, the prize money will be transferred to a different partner operator.

Any players who do not wish to, or who are not able to, open an account with a sports betting operator will be free to relinquish the prize money.

In any event, a winner will not be able to claim a partial or total refund or an exchange, or any form of compensation, on the grounds that that winner was not able to use the prize, whatever the circumstances.

The prizes for each session, as well as the those for the overall ranking, will be awarded in 2 parts: upon conclusion of the pool stages, and at the end of the contest. If the player wins several prizes at different sessions, the winnings will be paid out for both parts of each session.

Any prizes awarded cannot be exchanged or returned.

In order to pay the jackpot of €200 or the €200 prize money for 1st place in the overall rankings of the Champions League, the winner must have proven their identity beforehand by sending proof of identity and a bank account number by email.

If the information provided is confirmed to be exact and complete, the winner will be awarded the prize. If, however, any personal information is proved to be inaccurate or incomplete, the participation of the player including the prize will be deemed null and invalid.

Article 6 – Availability of Competition Rules

The rules for this contest are available on the written request of any Participant who gives their full name and address, to be sent before the end date of the contest to:

PULL MEDIA 42 rue Washington, 750008 Paris, France

Postage costs involved in requesting a copy of the rules will be refunded on request (applicable slow postage rate). The refunding of these expenses is limited to one request by Participant (same name, same address).

They are also available on Internet and the application mentioned in Article 1.

Article 7 – Modifications to Competition Dates

The liability of the Organizer can under no circumstances be incurred if, in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control, it is forced to cancel the Contest, to reduce or extend its duration, to postpone it, or to modify the participation conditions.

In any event, it reserves the right to extend the duration of participation.

Such a modification to these rules and conditions shall be subject to a written contractual amendment.

Article 8 – Liability

The Organiser declines any responsibility for any consequences relating to the participants’ connection to the Internet network via the Internet site or the application mentioned in article 1.

In particular, the Organiser shall not be held liable for the fraudulent use of a participant’s internet connection, nor for any use of personal information by a third party that may have acquired such information by fraudulent means.

More particularly, the Organizer shall not be held liable for any material or immaterial damage suffered by participants, to their computer equipment and to the data stored thereon, and for any consequences affecting their personal or professional activities that may result from that damage.

Moreover, the Organizer shall not be held responsible if one or more participants do not manage to take part in the Contest via the Internet site or the application mentioned in article 1 owing to any type of technical issue for which the Organizer is not directly responsible.

Under no circumstances shall the Organizer be held responsible in the event of any loss or damage to a prize caused by a third party or in the event of an operating fault or issue with the postal service.

The liability for the Organiser may not incurred if, for a reason beyond its control, the winner is not in a position to, or cannot, use the prize.

The Organizer shall not provide any associated service or warranty, and shall not be held liable for any damage that might be suffered by winners with respect to how the use their prize.

The act of taking part in the Contest by the Participants implies full and unreserved acceptance of all these rules and conditions.

Article 9 – Fraud

The organiser may cancel or suspend all or part of the contest should it appear that fraud of any kind has been committed, especially by electronic means, at the time of participating in the contest or during the process to determine the winners.

It also reserves the right not to award a prize to persons suspected of having committed fraud and to take the latter to court.

Article 10 – Disputes

10.1 Applicable law

These rules and conditions are subject to French law.

10.2 Jurisdiction

The parties shall make every effort to come to an amicable agreement to resolve any dispute that might occur during the performance of these rules.

Failing this, all disputes, even in the event of a provisional judgement or injunction, shall be referred to the competent court with jurisdiction as defined by article L.141-5 of the French Consumer Code.

Article 11 – Personal Data Protection

The Organiser requires all Participants to share personal data (name, first name, email address, phone number, etc.) in order to be able to validate the participant’s entry.

In accordance with the provisions of French law no.78-17 dated 6 January 1978, as amended relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, the automated processing of personal data by the Organizer is subject to a declaration with the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL-France).

The Participant enjoys the right, at any time, to oppose the recording of personal information, to access personal information and to request any incorrect personal information be rectified. To exercise this right, the participant simply needs to make a request by email to: contact@pullmedia.fr

In accordance with the provisions of French law no.78-17 dated 6 January 1978, as amended relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, the said personal information shall be stored in such a way that allows the person to be identified no longer than is required to collect and process that information.

The participants’ personal data can only be accessed by personnel authorised by the Organiser to do so.

On the forms intended to collect personal data, the Participant is made aware of the following: the identity of the person in charge of processing the data, the participant’s rights with respect to personal data protection, the recipients of that data, why the data being processing is required, and whether answers are given on an obligatory or optional basis.

Any commercial offers that may be sent electronically by the Organiser shall meet the following requirements:

  • the Participant has given their consent and was informed at the time of sharing any personal data of the ability to oppose, free of charge, any commercial use of that data;
  • the purpose of the commercial offer must be related to the profession exercised by the recipient of the message.